Pricing translation projects is not an easy job. What we do is to evaluate each case individually. Our usual price is US$ 0.10 per source word. This price will vary depending on some factors, like destination of the translated document; presence of technical language; size of the document; need of proofreading.

The price can be lower for translation of websites or documents without technical language involved; or can be higher for professional/technical documents. We provide discounts for larger orders and for returning customers.

As soon as you contact us, we will put you in contact with a professional translator, who will work on your project. We constantly evaluate each translator in our database, and look for the best ones in each price range/needs.

We also work with subtitling, proofreading, interpreting, website localizing. We can provide translators for specific areas, like Medicine, Science, Law, Business, Computer Science, and several others.

Looking to translate only one webpage? Maybe we could do it free of charge in exchange for a link – contact us.

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