Top tips on choosing a good translator (part 1)

If you need something translated, choosing a translation professional or company can be a difficult task. This article aims to highlight some factors you should take into consideration before making such decision.

Choose a translator with experience on your field

You can have a translator with 20 years of experience do terrible errors of translation in a document of a specific field. If you want a Medical text translated, and the translator has experience in Engineering, how would you expect him to know the translation specifics of technical terms?

Hire native-speakers if possible

A native-speaker is someone that was born or lived several years in a country that speaks the desired language. Although exceptions exist, it is much more common for native-speakers to know terms that are commonly or rarely used by speakers of the language they are translating to. Maybe a term that was common 20 years ago is not even used today or has a very different meaning. Native-translators usually know such things, specially if they currently live in a country that uses that language.

Check for the translator’s experience and academical degrees

Unless you want a poor translation for your document, checking for the translator’s experience is of great importance. Professional translators not only are experts on their work languages, but also have experience in writing and research of terms.

Get a second opinion

If you can afford it, request a proof-reading service by a second translator. This can be extremely valuable, since errors can occur, and more commonly, a second expert can catch minor details that could decrease the quality of the translation. Proof-reading services are usually much cheaper than the translation and complement the work significantly.

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