Top tips on choosing a good translator (part 2)

This article is a continuation of: Top tips on choosing a good translator (part 1)

Check for reasonable time schedules

Can you believe that a 10,000 words translation can be done in 24 hours? Yes, but only if you throw quality in the garbage. Good translators, even professional and experienced ones, need time to do a good job. Working in a hurry is the first step for a document filled with mistakes.

Evaluate pricing based on experience and quality

You can find translators charging from one to twenty cents of dollars per source word. Prices vary a lot, as well as quality. We believe in reasonable rates, that depend on the experience of the translator, and the technical difficulty of the job. A translation for a personal or small business website is one thing, while translation of technical manuals and large business texts require much more work. If you find super-cheap translators on the web, be careful.

Prefer inquisitive translators

A good translator is one that always contact the contractor when in doubt. These contacts can prevent many problems in the final document, because even a professional translator may not determine in one contact all he needs to know for the job. This relationship can only be achieved if the contractor is easy to find, though.


Choosing a translator requires some work and search, but this can prevent many future problems. You should hire a translator according to the technical difficulties of the job, and the quality you would expect for your readers. If you want a translation for a small personal page on the Internet you would need fewer requisites from your translator. But if quality is of the most importance to you, following all these seven tips would be really beneficial to you.

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